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Hello! Welcome to ACMomentos The Journey of Moments. We are 2 excited individuals on a venture to explore the world with our buddies, Mickey the Mousy and Donald the Ducky!

Momentos is about Precious Moments. Capture the Moments. Keep the Memories.

This was supposed to be a travelling blog, but not just about travel. It is an adventure, experience, feelings and memories of each and everything.

TikTokTikTok the clock is ticking, while we meet new people, we miss peoples in our heart, we land our feet on different places, we thought of the not so little tree at home, but we can’t preserve those moments.

We Capture the moments and they became meaningful Stories. Life is short, Love is rare, Memories are sweet, so Cherish them!

We would love to record all the Moments & Memories (old and new) by Capturing Stories, Sharing of Experiences and Interesting Things here. Making this a Library of Memories and Experience to Inspire, Motivate and even as Reference!

Our hands are green in this. This will be fun and exciting for us, hopefully for you too! Leave us comments if there is anything you would like to see here, or improvements for us.

Share with love.

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哈咯!欢迎来到 ACMomentos!

兴致勃勃的我们会带着可爱的米奇老鼠 和 有趣的唐老鸭 准备去欣赏这优美且带有挑战性的世界咯!

ACMomentos 本是一个旅游部落格而已。可是我们不只是旅游而是去感受这神奇的世界,好让自己勇于赤裸裸的去体验生活。离开了温暖的这段时间我们肯定获得良多。

就如古语有说:“在家千日好 出门一早难也!”

记忆就像个染色板,有时五彩缤纷,有时苍白空虚,有时灰如尘土,但因为这个染色板,人生才得以丰润,岁月才满溢诗情。随着遥远的路程,我们自然会遇见不同的人,踏入不同的土地 也同时 望着异乡的月色照亮着故乡染色板的回忆。也许是家中爷爷的破烂摇椅,那张古旧的火车票,或那淡淡的笑容。全都是我们一路珍贵的回忆。


我们想把一路上的体验, 回忆, 经验, 感受 用 照片, 影片, 文字 记载 填满我们缤纷色彩的染色板。好让它们变成灵感, 动力 或许 参考。





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