Living in Caravan Park Australia | 车屋公园 大自然 生活

Our Favourite Caravan Park (for now) | 我们最爱的车屋公园(目前)

A GEM found during our Farm Work at Pemberton Strawberry Farm.

Pemberton is not a very popular tourist attraction. It is a place with Karri trees and lots lots lots of treessss!

It is also here we’ll find and climb the 72 metres tall fire lookout tree – the famous Gloucester Tree. And see a forest filled with the colour of spring wildflowers. Definitely a place of nature.

Live with Nature, smell Nature and connect with Natures.

Pemberton Forest View
Pemberton, WA Forest View

彭伯顿 不算是一个有名的旅游僧地。这里出产Karri 树还有很多很多的树到处都是大自然树林。

彭伯顿有世界级高的瞭望台树- 有名的Gloucester Tree。可以欣赏到野生树林的色彩。绝对是一个接近大自然清静的好地方。我们因草莓园的工作而来到这个不出名却有特色的地方。

Pemberton Caravan Park | 彭伯顿车屋公园

Caravan Park - Accommodation

Caravan Park is perfect for peaceful stay with privacy.

3 options:

  1. Caravan/Campervan site overnight /流动车屋停留过夜车位
  2. Camping site / 扎帐篷
  3. Cabin stay / 小屋

We lived in normal Cabin. There were also En-suite Cabins with built in shower and toilet. Both normal and en-suite were really nice, clean and comfortable. They couldn’t offer a long term rate for en-suite cabins. So we took normal cabin which is already good enough! Only the Toilet… we need to go out.


What’s in the cabin? | 小屋里有什么?

  • 1 double bed in private closed up area  一个双人床隔在私人区
  • 2 bunk beds on the other end of the common area  两个双床位
  • Kitchen with fridge, kitchen basin (without hot water), microwave, toaster, stoves and cabinet  厨房包有冰橱,洗碗盆(无热水),炉子,微波炉,烤面包机,橱柜
  • Kitchen Utensils  其他的餐具
  • Wine glass and class (x6) 酒杯茶杯各(x6)
  • Heater/Fan 暖炉/风扇

Public Toilet and shower (outside) | 公众冲凉间 (在外)

People usually complain that I am a fussy person (but I don’t know based on what lah… I could survive and work anywhere now). Anyway, this is to prove that the toilet is clean. Like toilet in swimming pool complex/gym. They specially arranged a cabin just across the toilet for us.

But night was shivering cold getting to toilet and pitch dark! We enjoyed the starry starry night… 🙂

Starry Night
Starry Night


只是晚上上厕所有点冷和黢黑。但也给我们机会欣赏 一闪一闪 亮 晶晶!

Price range| 价格 $$$

  1. Caravan/Campervan site流动车屋停留过夜车位

Starting from AUD25 – AUD50 and above depending on powered/unpowered site & high/low season.

There is a common area to cook, BBQ, eat and chill with TV.

从AUD25 – AUD50以上。取决于有电源或没有和旺季。

外面有个共用区可以煮饭,BBQ, 吃东西 或看电视聊天。

2. Camping site / 扎帐篷

Caravan Camping Site
Caravan Camping Site

Camping site price is almost the same as Parking site depending on powered and unpowered site and seasons.

Amenities are also the same.



3. Cabin stay / 小屋

There are 3 types of Cabin – Bungalow, En-suite and Budget. But we’ve not seen the Bungalow set up. Only En-suite and Budget as mentioned above.

Price of Cabins depends on the 3 types. 它共有3种小屋。平房,套房,经济房。

Bungalow/平房: AUD180/night above 以上每晚

Ensuite/套房: AUD 135/night above以上每晚

Budget/经济房: AUD 100/night above以上每晚

Other amenities | 其他设备

Laundry area to wash, dry and iron. The washing machine work with AUD2 coin.

洗衣房,晒,熨。洗衣机费用AUD2 金币。

BBQ pit,Shared Kitchen, Microwave, Fridge TV and Eating Area

BBQ 炉,共用厨房,微波炉,冰橱, 电视 和 共餐地区。

Playground 草地



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