119 Days in Western Australia – AUD 2000 – 西澳 119 天 之旅

4 months in Western Australia —| 4个月在西澳

Too long for you? That was short for us. A place with lots of love, friendships, experience and knowledge.

With 2 backpacks (x2) and AUD 2000 (x2).

How many nights of Hotel could we afford? And how many tours, meals and tickets could we afford?

一个漫长又短暂的西奥之旅。带着两个背包 (x2) ,澳币2000 (x2)。我们如何生活 了119天?

119 nights of accommodations, moved 7 times —| 119个住宿,一共搬了7次

357 meals with half of it FOC —| 357 餐 一半是免费的

0 guided tour, went to more than 50 places and attractions |— 0 游导 却 游了50 个地方

Accommodation cost: AUD12/night to AUD 25/night for one person.

住宿: 每一晚 大约 是AUD12 – AUD 25 一人

Meals: AUD 5 up to AUD 50 /meal per person (we did enjoyed luxurious meals sometimes)

一餐: 捡省 AUD 5 达 豪气AUD 50

How to sustain with just AUD 2000 each?— | 澳币 2000  如何生活?

The numbers does not tally; Accountants will say “That is not balance!”

We didn’t say it would! The joy was, we ended the trip with balance apprx AUD2000 (x2) in our bank account.

No proud earning. We just didn’t lose money. But gained an awesome trip!

计算机 按来按去都算不通。不对!不对!可我们到最后还 剩 AUD2000 (x2) 存款。


How the Math work? — | 这是怎么算出来呢?

Math will not work in this. Do it and you will know!

That’s the benefit of Worliday! We are not even talking about the Visa here. Just purely the action of Working and Holiday.

No branded splurges. No Shopaholic. This is cheaper than a Chanel bag!

这不是普通的加减乘除。只要做了就知道怎么可能!因为 打工度假得美处。而且也不一定要旅游打工的签证。

不买 名牌。 不购物。这还便宜过买一个Chanel 包!

How? —|  如何?

Work. Work. Work.

How many of us were born with 2 mountains of gold and 1 money growing tree?

Lucky if you do! Otherwise, we need to “make lots of love” with dear calculator before going on a far/long or far & long trip!


除非你有两座金山 和 一个 摇钱树!要不然我们就同时天涯。。。抱着计算机 算 算 算!

Virtual Assistant Flyer
Our Own Virtual Assistant’s services Flyer

What? —| 做什么工?

Besides Farm, Restaurant, Retail  kind of jobs. We have Internet now! We can work Virtually/Mobile/whatever-people-called-it.

Do you sometimes feels, your work can actually be done from home or from anywhere? YES! We feel that way!

But… But… I am not a writer. I am not a photographer. I am not a programmer. We are not too! WE CAN LEARN! We can learn to write, learn to photoshop, learn to use WordPress, learn Social Media or other Office support!


有的人会说。。。可是 可是 我不会。我不是什么作家,什么摄影师。我们可以学呀!不然就做遥控文员。打电话,接电话,看 email。现在什么都有的做。

Lodging —| 住宿

Caravan Park - Accommodation

How are the expenses like here?

Accommodation is one of the most troublesome and difficult plan!

Location, condition, environment, and our BUDGET $$!

Always express your interest and concerns if it is about the price or whatever it is. We got different rent terms by discussing honestly about our situations and budget. Just avoid Peak Period. They will be open to discuss.





Our 3 options of accommodations | 我们的 3 种 类型的 住宿

  1. Shared house/Homestay | — 住家
  • Price/价格: Aud 13 to AUD 20/night per person /每人一晚
  • Room/房间: Private Room for 2 / 私人房
  • Term/租期: 1 Week to Months/一周以上

Homestay/Shared House is definitely the cheapest and most comfortable. We get the peace and comfort of a home. Some landlords might invite for occasional meals together. Air Bnb provides similar experience too. Our experience wasn’t at WA, but our airbnb in Brisbane was great! Some may also give cheaper week rent. Just check and ASK. When we ask, we may get something…

住家是最便宜舒服的选择。有些房东还会偶尔煮饭一起吃。Air BnB 也不错。西澳我们没住上。可在布里斯班我们的 Air BnB 也很不错! 有些Air BnB 也会给 住上一周/一个月 的折扣。

2. Backpackers Hostel — | 背包旅舍

  • Price/价格: Aud20 and above /night per person /没人一晚
  • Room/房间: Private Room for 2 / 私人房
  • Term/租期: 2 Weeks or a discussed /两周以上

Backpackers hostel is another great option. This is far more economic than staying in Hotel (depending on number of people sharing a room). And we get to meet people from different places, have fun together.


3. Caravan Park — | 車屋公園

  • Price/价格: Aud15 and above /night per person/每人一晚
  • Room/房间: Private Cabin without ensuite/私人小屋
  • Term/租期: 2 Weeks or a discussed/两周以上

Caravan Park is another awesome choice! It is fully self contained Cabin with own bed, kitchen and some ensuite with Shower and Toilet. It is quiet and peace surrounded by Nature and people living together in different cabin or camping tent. Some stop by in their moving caravan/campervan.


Transport —| 交通工具

Public transport in Australia is expensive. Driving sometimes could be cheaper than taking public transport. We can buy a car starting from few Hundreds AUD to few Thousands. Depending on our needs.

Renting a car is expensive too. Depending on how long do we need the car. Daily rent could range from AUD40 and above.

We were Lucky to rent from a Dear Friend for an awesome price. So that helped us to saved heaps lots of Money! The car was our storeroom, canteen, rest area, watching sceneries and ofcourse transport.

Our Car
Our Transport, Canteen, Storeroom & to Enjoy Scenery

公车/地铁 都 不便宜 也 不一定方便 到达远区。 有时 驾车还要 更便宜。几百到几千都买到车。租车也不便宜。看租期,车款,等。日租可达AUD40 以上。

我们很幸运 用了 超 好 的  友谊价租到 一辆 。带着我们一路平安往南下。做我们的 储藏室,食堂,休息区,欣赏风景 等。


Homecook food
Homecook food

Eating out in Australia is expensive! Coming from Malaysia, we love to eat. Food back at home and in Singapore (where we used to work) were heavenly cheap and (some) yummylicious!

But eating out here is different. Especially Asian food or some Malaysian or Singapore Food. It is D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T and E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E! But… do try the local seafood here! Fresh and reasonable.

A normal meal ranges from AUD 5 (very rare) to atleast AUD 8 to AUD 10 and above. But the portion are big for us. We can usually keep one portion for 2 to 3 meals. We usually do our own cooking.

What is cheap?

The WINE! We used to dine out occasionally in Singapore or Malaysia with a bottle of wine. And usually that bottle of wine stands 50% or more of the entire bill. But here, it was just the price of an ala carte order maybe AUD20 to AUD30 (or more) for a bottle!


We mentioned FOC meal ya. Really got FREE meal meh? We worked for it lah! What’s best to work in Restaurant? Got free food. And we worked in Seafood Restaurant so we got really good food.

Free to order from the menu. But ofcourse not the premium seafood. Maybe not all the time…

We were really blessed. We had awesome seafood dinner for more than a week consecutively to bid our farewell. How much love was that!!! With Lobster, Snow Crab, Salmon, Homecook special dishes and many more……

It was not the most popular and luxurious kind of restaurant (well, they used to be). But the best taste. If you know Chinese, you know this taste: 人情味

Luxurious FOC Meal
Our Luxurious FOC Meal


在澳洲吃是 贵  一字!我们 Anak Malaysia 就是个吃货嘛!这里很多中餐,亚洲风味 或 新马 餐馆。但味道当然也大不一样。普通一个餐 大约AUD 8 to AUD 10 以上,但份量还挺大的。我们可以分 两三餐来吃。我们通常自己煮。


这个世界真的有免费的午餐吗?不止,还有晚餐!在餐馆工作就每天有免费餐吃咯!我们还要在海鲜餐馆工作。晚餐还有的选。可当然不是任点 贵的海鲜。

我们真的很幸运。很感恩。在这里我们遇到 最高上的 味道 – 人情味。还有的吃一个星期多的豪华海鲜送别餐。

有时最令人思乡的就是味觉。华人就是  民以食为天。我们不需最极品的食物 但最浓的人情味已足够我们永记于心。加上我们吃了龙虾,雪蟹,刺身三文鱼,老板娘特备鸡 还有 荷包蛋!

Having Fun | 玩耍

Vineyard Poser
Vineyard Poser

We are not the “tourisy” type. No checklist to concur. Just go with the flow and our feelings. With minimum expenses to more than 50 places; Up North, Down South, Island and round and round and round to different places. Most of our visits and activities were FREE or with just Gold Coin Donation. A few that we would spend to do like Horse Ridding! We love it!

Stay Tuned on where have we been. What are the good FREE stuffs?

我们不是最棒棒的 旅游达人。必需去玩每一个旅游圣地。我们一路随心而去随意而漂。用最低的消费去认识这个地方。其实旅游可以不用很多钱。我们上北 下南, 游捣 去了 50 多个 地方。大多都是免费的或只需稍微的费用。选我们最想要做的 花一点 值得 的钱。 我们在 西奥 就去了 学 骑马!有时太多节目 我们会忽略了旅游真正的乐趣。

请静候我们的进一步分享我们游了那里。那些好的 免费 的 介绍?

Do not go just for the sake of going | 人不是为了到达而去旅行

Horse Riding in Margaret River
First Horse Riding in Margaret River, WA by Jesters

Don’t just go there. Live there – airbnb


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