Sun’s Fiery Kiss to the Night – Sunset|夕陽無限好

Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting. — Richard Paul Evans

The almighty sun sets and rises every single day. Rise to the beginning of new Opportunities and Set to the Hope of other new Opportunities coming.

Do you prefer Sunrise over Sunset or the reversed? or… Both?

Both Sunset and Sunrise moments are enchanting but just for a fleeting moment. That very short moment, switch off our mind. Take away every bit of worries, fears and sadness. That very moment never fails to give me peace and tranquility to ponder and reflect.

♪♫ 夕陽無限好 天色已黃昏 ♪♫ 每当我看见或想起 日落 我就想 到 Eason 这首歌!


有一句话: “日出而作,日落而息。逍遥于天地之间而心意自得。” 出自《庄子》一书。 哪是多么的逍遥自在呀。

日出带来新的一天新的机会。日落挂上一天圆满的句号带着希望望另一个机会的来临。每当我在观赏日落 的 那刻, 一切好像都 停顿 了下来。烦恼忘了,忧愁走了,恐惧消失了。可以自然的宁静地沉思。

A big part of our memories in Western Australia tied with this therapeutic moment of Sunset.

Some amazing moments:

  1. Mandurah, Western Australia

It was really cold even during spring. But all that “Freezing Sunny” moment worth every bit! Look at how amazing the Sun sets gracefully in Mandurah.

Mandurah was amazing with lots of nature and water activities like crabbing (seasonal), watch dolphins and etc.

Sunset Mandurah

2. Fremantle

This was unplanned beauty. We were walking to the Bus Stop, and suddenly something seemed to call from behind. We turned, and the sky was astonishing! It was all dark and dull infront. We must stop to admire that very moment.

3. Albany

This spot was across the bridge from our lodge at the most Awesome Backpackers Hostel; Six Degrees (formerly called George on the Terrace). Albany is one of our favourite in WA. One reason was because of the lovely stay at Six Degrees!

Sunset Albany
Sunset Albany


4. Margaret River

We spent 2 evening at Surfers Point, Margaret River watching Sunset till complete darkness then watch the sky sparkles Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars ♪♫ .

We had Pizza, Wine and Beer from Bootleg Brewery (another good place to visit in Margaret River). Well, Margaret River is known for Vineyards and Breweries. Grab some Wine or Beer to Surfers Point for a breathtaking Sunset Moment!

And our all time Favourite Summer Beer!

Sunset Margaret River, WA
Margaret River, WA
Sunset and Moonrise
Sunset and Moonrise

5. Rottnest Island, WA

How can we missed out Rottnest Island while in Western Australia? Our Sunset in Rottnest was a tough one. We literally chased after the Sun. This was an unexpected spot to watch Sunset. But surprisingly amazing spot. As you can see, we had lots of fun playing with Silhouette Photography.

Sunset Rottnest Island, WA
Sunset Rottnest Island, WA
Sunset Rottnest Island, WA
Sunset Rottnest Island, WA

6. City Beach, Perth

Another beautiful Beach great for Sunset. It is quiet and close to Perth City. There were people surfing and stand kayaking.

Sunset City Beach, Perth
Sunset City Beach, Perth

Our day always ended with Sunsets. Planned or unplanned…it is the same but not the same.

There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same. — Carlos Santana

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