Worliday in Australia

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. – Eleanor Roosevelt

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Work and Holiday means WORK then Holiday! Unless if you have a Money Growing Tree! Plant a few different currencies. Easier! LOL


And we call this Worliday. A word we made out of  Work Holiday = Worliday. Soon after that, we found out that this word has been used to describe about workaholic. It is a bit like holiday and a bit like work.

We thought Work & Holiday was too long. We wanted something more fun. Worliday sounded FUN to us! It is abit more fun and interesting…we hope!

Life Philosophy 101, we work to get something. No running away even on Work & Holiday, Nomad or Wanderlust.

Unfortunately it is not like YAY we quit to Worliday. Means just HOLIDAY…. But majority responses thought: What? Holiday?! How did you do that? You so rich lah!

…. …. …. ….. Because we WORK my dear!

Jobs don’t just fall on our lap. We need to HUNT for it and work hard!

Job Hunting

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We need to earn money to sustain the holiday part. But HOW? That’s one of the most FAQ (soon we may be able to compile an FAQ list LOL) from friends and family.

Well… It is not hard and not easy. More elaboration please!

First: Willingness

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Are we WILLING to do it? It means if we are willing to do the job (willingly and within ability) and accept the $$ (pathetic sometimes) then there will be a job for us. Ey… that’s how it works everywhere. Precisely baby! It is pretty much the same here. Infact maybe easier. Cos the pay is not as pathetic as RM! :/

This is one really important point. It is all about willingness to open our Options.

And, willing to accept meaning willing to look for it. If we are lucky, we will get jobs online and submit resume they call for interview and hooked! The usual way! If not, you need to go for the second!

Second: Ego

Walk-in Interview is a lot harder than we might have imagined

This may be rare back at home. Especially if we have invested the XYZ Time and Money to get the “magical certificate” then we are prestigious now! “Those are not my type of jobs lah!” We wait for high paying, good benefit and comfortable 9am – 5pm jobs! OK then forget about work and holiday. Just holiday will be good. Or pray hard to be Lucky Ducky!

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Otherwise, most of the time it is a lot harder outside! Even for locals and people who has the correct Visa may not get the ideal job. Steeper learning curve because they could be totally out of comfort zones and ego challenging sometimes.

Walking into any restaurants or shops to ask “Are you Hiring?” Just by seeing these 3 words some may already starting to feel embarrassed and awkward. But this is the QUICKEST and most EFFECTIVE way!

Third: 150 EQ x 2

Walk-in is actually much more difficult than sending 100 CVs out a day (we personally felt). It is awkward, ego challenging and spot on performance to some people. These jobs aren’t difficult requiring 135 IQ scores, but 150% EQ!

On paper most requirements are skewed towards academic Grading and descriptive Skill sets. But these jobs are not. Unless if you are a chef or hairdresser with very specific skill sets! People will look for you!

Fall seven times, Stand up Eight!

Many took months to get a job! But some took just 2 days. Good Lucky Ducky!


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Rejections are our worst enemies.

Taste of rejections:

The Big and kind smiley but POP! “No”.

Or, “yeah… we are hiring. But we prefer…”

or “yeah… but we are currently quite filled up” (then why is the notice still out there?!)

There could be many more. Well, we just have to accept.

Farm Jobs

Farm jobs to most people, is a BIG NO NO! But this is also one of the highest demand job and earning more $$ if you have agile hands!

Image Source: Friends

These are real physical hard work under the sun and in the rain!! Whatever harsh weather, we continue to pick. Or however long hours we maintained robotic to pack. We need to keep motivating ourselves and self entertain. No chatter-box when we were packing (unless you are very good and quick). Cos every piece counts, talk means distraction, means slooooow. Whereas, being out in the farm picking has more flexibility and entertaining. But still, pace is very important.

Despite all these, Hey we actually enjoyed our farm work! (read Farm Work in Australia to know more about the experience and Tips working in farm)

Image Source: Internet - Micket & Friends Farm

Restaurant/Bar jobs

Restaurant work is always in demand with the highest turnover everywhere. So it is pretty easy to crack into Restaurant/Bar jobs. You walk into any, they basically would need to hire someone. It is the matter of “they want to hire me or not” or “how regular they need me”.

Some does not require much experience or non. Many may “trial” you first. Some trial means no pay maybe for 3 hours.

Master of EQ

Facing customers is a piece of work. Customer Service is very important here.

We have all been a customer (nice and nasty ones!). How demanding can you go baby as a customer? For a wait staff, bullets Inside Out!

Image Source: Internet - Donald Duck

Walking to the kitchen, we should have crafted some beautiful

piece of sentences to ask the dearest che-fffff. And get ready the bulletproof vest! That is much more horrifying than a demanding customer! After that, put up a beautiful smile and go out again with a pretty and convincing answer.

Oh Boi! Customer Service, Flawless Communication Skills, Crisis Management, Excellent Self Composer and Stunning SMILE! Sounded like a Managerial Job Description Requirement huh. So for the entire day, we hit on the repeat button for I-don’t-know-how-many-times! Then next day, REPEAT again!

OK, maybe exaggeration of a perfectionist. But pretty much 90% like that. So lots and lots of EQ to job hunt and get the job done if you are lucky like us to work at places like that.

Other jobs

Restaurant is not the only kind of jobs here. There are many kind of other retail sales, flyers distribution, delivery and lots lots lots of cleaning jobs available. Check these out:

Gumtree Australia / Seek Australia / AirtaskeriBackpacker Australia

Join some related Facebook Page: Australia Backpacker Job Board /Australia Backpacker Jobs

And Aupair Jobs if you love children 🙂

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Cleaning job pays really well here! You will see many in Airtasker and Gumtree.

But some may need ABN registration. That’s not hard just hit their website to check it out. Or stay tuned to our step to step guide after we got ours sorted out.


We don’t want to sugar coat the reality. Nor to horrify anyone. It all depends on your location, tolerance and some luck! On top of all these challenges, we are enjoying a lot more of the love, nice people, and joy!

We are enjoying a lot more of the loveees, nice people, and joyyys! Less politics and unnecessary competitions.

One tip to get a job: It works everywhere to whatever jobs! Connections. Networking. If you know people or go get to know people. You will find that would help like gold!

What do we Gain?

Image Credit: ACM - Wedding
Beautiful Wedding

What do you think you will gain or learn from these experiences? Just for the money? Not the Beautiful Wedding, but more than that. Not just the money, but the real life learning and soft skills development which were priceless. We stepped out of the comfort area, from people with similar education background and culture, to get in touch with people with all kind of differences.

We are becoming richer by quitting our corporate jobs. Richer in the mind, richer in the heart and richer in person. Nurture your true self as this will bring you further and stay with you throughout.

“A willing spirit, a determined effort.” –Lailah Gifty Akita

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