Back to Basic. Post Office Visit.

Image Credit: ACM - Brisbane City Botanic Garden
Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

When you first arrived at a new place, how do you feel?

Image Source: Internet
Mickey Mousy & Donald Ducky’s excited w.a.l.k.

Are you like us, everything looks interesting and feels exciting? Even just a walk around the neighbourhood and the e.x.t.e.n.d.e.d neighbourhood felt like an adventure. (like the extended family including the very far ones!). Yes!! Just like this walk. Not too far. Just 3kilometres.

So after our Coles Supermarket and Casino Visit… where now?! Which attraction? The Kings Park? Or Swan Valley? These are probably the first top 2 search results if you hit the search engine! Nah… we went to another more important place! The Post Office!

What is Post Office to you?

Image Credit: ACM - Post Office
Post Office Packaging and Post Cards

Why? Just like the idea of this Blog, Momentos is about memories. What does Post Office reminds you about? Documents and Parcels? To us, probably it is about Memories and Connections. In the old time, how people enjoyed posting letters and receiving letters. How sentimental it was to touch the paper, writing or reading the words and the smell of the paper and ink. Feels all euphoric waiting for dear Postman at the doorstep. Or if only our Birds now can 飞鸽传书 啦!

Image Credit: ACM - Post Office
Post Office

OHHH! Did we just reveal how old we are?? No lah.. we were just trying to illustrate an example. LOL

Stamps Collection Hobby

Auntie, what is stamp?? Email or Whatsapp? :/ Anyone still collect stamps as hobby now? Some people have albums of stamps from ancient lah! People love them like collection of shoes, watches, or animes today. Stamps can be precious (baobei) to some people too.  Just like this blog Grandfatherstamps (I’m not an enthusiast myself or anyone close to me). We were attracted to the name “grandfatherstamps”.

The most expensive Stamp!

Image Source: Internet
Happy Stamp Collector
Image Credit: Grandfatherstamp Blog
King Edward VII, $500

Simple name, but meant a lot. The author’s grandfather probably has left beautiful memories of stamps and precious albums to him/her. I didn’t know stamps could be of such value until I saw this (check the link above). It is about the most valuable Straits Settlements, The $500, King Edward VII, 1902. How valuable? Far beyond our imagination (OK maybe just us). Check the post to see that particular stamp and read the comment below that post! That was beyond imagination!!

Why my grandfather was not a stamp enthusiast??! We regret lah for not collecting ourselves! Otherwise I would sing out loud if “I’m a Millionaire!!” Only things from our grandfather times or older could be of such value now.

Our Penpal Memories

Penpal? What’t that? Facebook friends or Instagram followers? Anyone remember their penpal friends? (OK yes, we are the Gen Y). Do you have those antique letters from your best penpal friend kept in an antique box? Penpal was once upon a time the most popular hobby! But today, how many people still write? We type! On keyboards and flat screens!

Well, after all these stamps and penpal stories, in person we actually have not mailed more than 10 letters. LOL so what are we trying to say here? Read on…

Are you a Post Card Collector?

Image Credit: ACM - Postcards
Customized Post Cards for our Dear annoying Friend!

Out of the 10 mails, probably 2 or 3 are documents. Nothing sentimental and meaningful. But, travelling could be the changing point. Our recent mails were all during our trip, sending back postcards to our postcards collector friends! Tell us if you are one too! Email or personal message us your address, we will post you letters or postcards. But be prepared for farneee content sometimes! 😀 Right Niyep!

Coasters Collecting

Personally, am not so much of postcards collector. But Drink Coasters! Not just plain Coasters, but coasters with handwritten messages or just random words from lovely friends who bothers to write for me. Most of the time, during happy hours or drinking sessions we will pass around Coasters to write sweet messages or funny random words. I have collected over 100s of them now! And we have a collections of weird random stuffs! O_o

Get to the point! OK

It is about Go back to Basic

Image Credit: ACM
Post Office Fremantle, WA

So the reason was to feel the Memories and Connections from Post Office. While everyone is moving towards technologies, sometimes it is good to turn around and go all basic again. That’s the beauty and joy of life. And we love Vintage!

This is also one momentous difference that Travel and staying out has taught us. We felt real to ourselves and grounded down to earth. Each and every step felt like a rebirth of us. We may be doing things that are forgotten by most busy peoples on the street now rushing to work and cracking knuckles to pay bills (not that we do not have bills to cracked for, but in a different way). It is about choosing:

“Live to Work or Work to Live?”

ReConnect with the Nature

Image Credit: ACM
Kids in Nature – Kings Park, Perth

It could be as basic as just walk more, than relying majorly on wheeled transportation. When we walk, every step felt realistic and memorable isn’t it? BUT, “argh.. look at the sun!” “So hot how to walk?” Was the sun bigger now compared to the old days? Or because there are less natures now that’s why we couldn’t walk as much? But we are not saying that we should walk from this place to that when we have cars, trains or planes now! It is to go to places that we could walk but not containing ourselves in cubicles, in air conditioned indoors or taking wheeled transport in the park or glued to the chair with our handheld devices.

Children are the most genuine and neutral creature. They love to stay outdoor and know how to enjoy nature. Where we all used to be too. But somehow we grown out of it. We complain and harm mother nature now. We restrict children from getting close to nature. We contain them in cubicles like us. Then the cycle continue, and they grew to keep away from nature and stick to gadgets and technologies ONLY.

Read this: (quoted from a wise friend, Terenia Tabor)

A child can teach an adult 3 things: 1) to be happy for no reason 2) to always be busy with something and 3) to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires

Pause and think about it. Nature does not Hurry.

Travel vs touch n go Vacation

Image Credit: ACM
Part time Scarecrow

That’s also one big difference between really travelling or just a touch and go vacation. Stop by to watch insects, look at the flower or rare plant. We will remember more details than just a general picture of what’s around in the breeze of passing by quickly. Basic is also about appreciating basic things around us. Fascinated by simple things.

Image Credit: ACM

We are so distracted nowadays, we are less fascinated by ordinary things because things are more accessible, interesting and transactional today. Aren’t we?


Mail to Friends and Family (try Snail Mail not just emails & technologies)

Image Credit: ACM

If you are planning your next holiday or is travelling now, send letters or postcards home! The message may feel entirely different. And enjoy your next visit to Post Office. We hope that the next time when you see a Post Office you will have a different idea. Appreciate the magic and go Back to the Basic.

By now, after the whole story of Post Office, Stamps and Back to Basics, we would have probably done our basic walking around the e.x.t.e.n.d.e.d neighbourhood! Toned our legs and booty!! And saved some kaching kaching $$ for lunch later! YAY!

We do not remember days, we remember moments. – Cesare Pavese


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