Arrival at Australia. Creating Ourselves.

Image Credit: ACM - Creating Yourself
Life is about Creating Yourself. – Greens Pool, WA

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Image Source: Internet - Mickey Sad

What are your feelings and emotions every time when you need to say Goodbye? A longer than Goodbye kind of GooooodBye?

Image Source: Internet - Donald Duck

Leaving home is such a heavy task. Our bags were heavy, but our hearts were heavier. Though we have been living out for over a decade now, but our hearts still sink as deep every time a long goodbye kicks in. The faces around, the voices surrounds, even the food on the dining table were all momentos. Everything on that night felt like matrix!

What did we bring along?

We brought 2 backpacks each. One frontpack as hand carry cabin size, another backpack check in size. We decided not to lug a luggage to feel like real backpackers lah! And also to move about easier, but we are carrying a total of close to 100kgs!! (including our own weights)


So plan wisely! If you are not into carrying heavy bags around you, bring a luggage instead. Otherwise you will looked like us!

What’s important?

Besides choosing backpacks or luggage, buy sufficient check-in weights. But not too much, because you need to carry those weights travelling around Australia onto cars, buses, trains, boats or ships. So we brought about 50kgs each (which we regretted).

The Journey Begins here…

Image Credit: ACM - Grey Sky
Greyish Sky outside Perth International Airport

Image Source: Internet - Joey

When we first arrived, the sky was grey and our hearts were ecstatic! The long brewing trip is finally happening!! We are about to begin a Journey of Innovation, Creativity and Discovery. We are here at Australia, a place that since young we were told as the land of Kangarroooos and Koala Bears!

Image Source: Internet - Koala

We have seen tons of photos and heard many stories about this place; finally we are here with our 100kg x2!! This is not a getaway vacation, it is not meant to be easy and relaxing. We talked about quitting from staying comfortable. Leaving our secure Corporate job diving into an ocean of some people call uncertainty, we try to call it Opportunities!

Well, we were also brought up in the ordinary Cina family about how “normal” and “good” life is measured. So the guilt of uncertainty is biting our heart on one side yet another side we were really excited about the opportunities to explore, to learn new things and to meet new people!!

“We are about to create a new life. No longer seated in the cubicle trying to find what life is about?”

By now, our Mexican Taxi driver had gotten us to our first “home” here! Our first interaction here was not with an Australian, but a cool Mexican guy! I love listening to the accent. I love Sepanyol! “Me encanta el español” When we first saw Taxis here… we always mistaken it with a Police Car! Do you have the same problem??Image Source: Internet - Taxi

First challenge

Some glitches here, maybe our address wasn’t right or our accent couldn’t match. We were a little lost, but we were very near. We saw Unit 9, so is there Unit 9A and where is 9B?? (we are staying in 9B unit). Continue finding? No….. if we took off our shoes now, you will probably saw our toes cringing already! Staring at the meter hard enough! (hoping as if it will stop by itself) Calculator!!! AUD now how much? MYR now how much? Never mind we walk, it was just 100kgs x2, we can do it!

From Perth International Airport to the home was around 25km charges approximately AUD50.

Image Credit: ACMWe finally found 9A!!! But still….where is 9B?? We knocked on the door, OOOPSS… ang mo lady came out. But we spoke to a Malaysia Popo called Ivy… Okay wrong house. It was the unit behind, but they looked like ONE WHOLE UNIT. Anyway, we finally found the house.


Settle In

First of first…Snooze ZZzzzZZZZZzz (2 sleepless babies overnight flight) – But wait! Not sleeping time yet! Perth has no time zone difference. We arrived at around 6am after 5 hours flight.

Image Credit: ACM - Donald Duck
My Pool of Cereal Milk!

Ivy was so sweet to have made us Tea and Bread. After nomnom, we go out! She brought us to Coles! (it is like Tesco back home). Everywhere you go, there is one around! (OK, not really everywhere but most places).

Image Credit: ACM - Coles Shopping
Feeling Lost. Which is necessity?

We bought some necessities – 2 joeys, 3 koala bears, 1 bag of strawberries please… (not that interesting…yet lah!) It was just about all the boring daily necessities. $Kaching $Kaching Realistically, things weren’t cheap here. NOT in comparison to MYR with our conversion rate now!

But we realized some things were cheap. The Organic products!


Back home in Malaysia or Singapore, whenever there were “organic” or “natural” or “nature” on the packaging, they were expensive and rare. But here, it is usual. The prices are normal as all other products and we can easily grab from the rack.

OK I need to whine a bit about Organic products now!

I don’t usually count calories when I eat, but I COUNT CHEMICALS of the products I use. I have this problem of scanning through the ingredients when I pick up a product. And most of them even with the organic word printed on it, the ingredients are not that comforting. Yes, I’m a freak in this. If you are like me, you know how painful it is to find personal care products. I am not generous to spend a heap on those really expensive high range Brands. The mid range ones always discontinue after awhile. But seems like I’ve found heaven here! Lets talk about this again after we try on some of them and explore different products. Weeeee!

After shopping…

Finally finished shopping, omnomnom again! It is lunch time already! Ivy belanja us Malaysian style food! She must have thought we missed Malaysia food already after just 10 hours? LOL

What did we eat for our first meal here? Nasi Lemak that doesn’t taste like Nasi Lemak and Char Siew Fried Rice (roasted pork) that looks a little bit like Char Siew Fried Rice! Okay, lets not comment on the taste of the food. It is Malaysian owned, support abit lah. But it is cheap. Less than AUD 5 to buy a meal is cheap ok!


AND FINALLY…… Home to sleeeeeepzzzZZ~~

BUT, our day has not ended yet!

Another interesting place

Was our arrival activities interesting? With the household shopping and Malaysian Food. Not yet!!

At night Ivy and Ben (neighbour) decided to bring us to another adventure! After Coles shopping, where could be more interesting? Tadaaa…. Yes! The Casino in Perth. Address here if you like some adrenaline rush!

Crown Perth: Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100 (They have free shuttle bus to get there! We will share the details of how to get there soon)

“Capture the Moment. Cherish the Memories.” – ACMomentos



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